The City of New Albany

Uniting people in clean and green projects, made possible by private donations to beautify the city and foster community pride.

All of these projects have been made possible by private donations.

  1. Encouraged and helped facilitate the removal of the old, run-down concrete-block house that was located under the sign at the Elm Street exit of I-65 and at West Spring Street Exit from I-64. A new LED sign, donated by a private property owner, replaced the unsightly billboard.
  2. Installed “Welcome to New Albany’ signs with lighting and landscaping at the five main entrances to New Albany: Elm Street and Scribner; East Spring; Paoli Pike and I-265; Grantline Road and I-265; and Charlestown Road and I-265.
  3. Consulted with the Pastor of Christ Tabernacle Church located at Scribner and Elm Street to clean up trash and brush at the rear of the church and provided volunteer assistance with the clean-up.
  4. Consulted with the previous owner of the old service station on Elm Street to facilitate the sale of this property. The property was sold and the new owner has cleaned up the location and added a new business in New Albany.
  5. Initiated a partnership with Develop New Albany for annual spring and fall Beautification Days that include planting flowers, mulching, planting trees, cleaning up trash and removing weeds.
  6. Painted all downtown lamp and road sign posts and facilitated the clean-up of the outdated street signs.
  7. Initiated the Adopt A Corner/Block Program that includes the participation of multiple local companies.
  8. Installed Doggie Doo stations in three downtown areas.
  9. Partnered with Eco-Tech’s 10,000 Tree Initiative to plant trees in our city.
  10. Initiated a Community Gardens program that now has two active gardens and groups involved.?
  11. Performed weed eradication in downtown for three years. The City of New Albany municipality has deterred our private efforts.
  12. Initiated, planned and performed beautification efforts at the entrance on East Spring Street including funding the Welcome to New Albany sign.
  13. Partnered with The Boy Scouts troups and initiated the Scribner Gardens annual beautification and Garden Adoption program
  14. Partnered with The Boy Scouts troups to remove graffiti on the flood wall.
  15. Encouraged the City of New Albany municipality to improve the accountability of Code enforcement.
  16. Performed grass mowing and clean-up regularly at the entrances to New Albany.
  17. Installed sixty decorative planters filled with flowers throughout downtown that are planted seasonally and maintained.
  18. Requested and received a donation from Duke Energy that provided the installation of tall, painted commercial lamp posts downtown to match the decorative lamps.
  19. Cleaned-up and now maintain the entrances to New Albany which now have Welcome To New Albany signs.
  20. Initiated and provide financial support for the Town Clock Church restoration project.
  21. Partnered with Access Ventures and Indiana Landmarks to save, move and restore an 1880’s historical home on Shelby Street.
  22. Performed weed eradication and clean-up of vines and overgrowth on the Spring Street entrance to I-64 West made possible by the generous donation of The Rotary Club for landscaping and beautification of this area.
  23. Organized an early morning clean-up blitz to get the downtown area ready for the 2013 Jingle Walk.
  24. Purchased seasonal decorations for the planters of flowers in the downtown area.
  25. Encouraged the enforcement of the city code for downtown street sweeping.

Making New Albany Beautiful

Fire Truck Stuck on emergency run
After the hurricane Katrina remnants took down the steeple at St. Mary's these flowers remind all that know how this led to the beatiful new Steeple

Our latest project is 2nd Baptist Church

2nd Baptist Clock Tower Replacement

Progress is already obvious <
The history of this church and its ability to unite our community has never been fully utilized. It is a shining example of good will and compassion to our city and beyond.

The underground railroad helped slaves become free

This church was key in The underground railroad

This church was key in The underground railroad

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